Chapter 857: River-Defying Sect In Peril

The song and its lyrics caused Bai Xiaochun’s hair to stand on end. Song Que and Master God-Diviner were visibly shaken. That was when the enormous bone galleon appeared again, and this time, it was much closer to them!

It was only about 1,500 meters away, allowing them to see it very clearly. Even as they stared, reeling in shock, the singing ended, and the galleon vanished.

This time, Song Que didn’t offer any cold snorts. Even his face was a bit paler than usual. The group of three exchanged glances, and clearly, they were all convinced that something very strange was going on. The first time they had seen the boat, it had vanished roughly 3,000 meters away from them. The second time, it was only 1,500 meters away.

None of them dared to ponder… how close it would get the third time!

By now, it would take a full month to retrace their steps, and furthermore,...

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