Chapter 847: Taking Off The Mask

The qi and blood inside of him was powerful to an indescribable degree!

Furthermore, he yet again felt as though a mountain were crushing down onto him from above, which was none other than… the fourth of the five shackles inside of him!

He couldn’t break through that shackle right now. He would need to wait until he became a deva!

At that time, he would finally be able to cultivate the last level of the Undying Codex…

Undying Blood!!

“I finally mastered the Undying Bones!” He laughed heartily, but before he had a chance to feel very pleased with himself, he sensed that the passing of the Hell-Emperor’s legacy was occurring up in the sky.

Stunned, he blurred into motion, appearing outside of his immortal's cave to see the gravekeeper up above, as well as… his apprentice, Bai Hao!!

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes went wide with anticipation and...

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