Chapter 841: Master, Save Me!

Back on the battlefield in the Wildlands, the Grand Heavenmaster and the other powerful experts stood there with very serious expressions on their faces. Bai Xiaochun’s mind was still reeling from the sight of that huge vine. However, the northern part of the Great Wall was too far away, so he hadn’t been able to see how the vine defeated the Celestial.

However, the Celestial’s enraged voice had echoed out to fill the Wildlands, and therefore, everyone back on the battlefield had gasped and looked over at the gravekeeper.

Bai Xiaochun had known before that the gravekeeper was powerful. But to see it with his own eyes was a different thing. Now, he truly knew that the gravekeeper’s battle prowess was at an unimaginable level!

“That girl joined forces with the Celestial… but in the end, they were both injured and forced to flee….” Suddenly, Bai Xiaochun swallowed hard. He wished he could run over and grab onto the gravekeeper’s leg. After all, his identity had been revealed to everyone.

After thinking about everything he had done in the...

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