Chapter 839: Unmatchable Battle!

“That can’t be right….” Bai Xiaochun thought, his heart pounding. If the gravekeeper really had looked at him, it would mean he was in great danger. That would mean he was part of this dangerous fight between the gravekeeper and the Celestial!

“A little nobody like me couldn’t possibly matter to almighty people like that!” He immediately ducked his head down and hurried backward even faster. As he focused on fleeing, the battle above once again reached a fever pitch. Behind the projected image of the lands of Heavenspan, a figure appeared.

It was none other than the Celestial, and he appeared to be controlling every aspect of the lands of Heavenspan. Waving both hands out in front of him, he sent those lands rumbling toward the gravekeeper!

At the same time, the little girl in paper crane form erupted with black mist as she also shot toward the gravekeeper.

All onlookers were shaken to the core by...

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