Chapter 837: The Celestial Cometh!

Although the ghost head was huge, the enormous hand made of bright lightning was bigger!

It almost looked like the hand of an adult compared to the head of a baby! And as that hand reached out, intense rumbling sounds filled heaven and earth, as did the sensation of crackling lightning!

It seemed like the hand didn’t care at all that the girl was attempting to consume heaven and earth. The ghost head’s mouth suddenly ceased breathing in, and screamed as though it were going all-out to avoid the lightning hand. But the surging energy of the hand contained the pressure of all creation, allowing it to easily wrap around the misty head!

The hand clenched into a fist, and cracking sounds rang out. The ghost head tried to fight back, but couldn’t, and collapsed. As it did, the girl appeared, fleeing backward at top speed. Terror was visible in her eyes, fear of the converged power of heaven and...

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