Chapter 834: The Hell-Emperor Cometh!

Everyone present was dumbfounded, including the Giant Ghost King, the War Champion King, and even the Nine Serenities King. Although they were exerting all their effort to fight back against the sound attack, strange expressions still appeared on their faces. That was saying a lot, considering that this was a deadly battle in which no one knew who would come out alive and who would end up dead.

Everyone felt incredible pressure weighing down on their hearts because of the bizarre little girl, and they were all wondering about what serious consequences there could be depending on how things turned out.

And yet… in the middle of such a dramatic and bitter struggle, Bai Xiaochun showed up… yelping in exaggerated fashion as he crawled along underneath a turtle shell. It left everyone completely flabbergasted.

The Giant Ghost King’s tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, and the Spirit Advent...

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