Chapter 827: You Broke My Teddy Bear

Normally speaking, Bai Xiaochun would have realized that performing spirit enhancements on his nascent soul would automatically alert people about the danger he and Mistress Red-Dust were in.

However, because of drastic circumstances he was in, the main thing on his mind was figuring out how to get away. Therefore, that plan never even entered his head. As he sat there in the turtle-wok in nascent soul form, his eyes snapped open, and they shone with explosively brilliant light!

They looked like suns shining there within the private chamber, which echoed with sounds like rumbling thunder.

Intensely powerful fluctuations filled the area as his power rose from that of the mid Nascent Soul stage to the late stage!

Furthermore, because he had gone all the way to a nineteenfold spirit enhancement, he was actually very, very close to the great circle.


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