Chapter 824: Full Scale Retreat!

When they made contact, a massive boom rippled out that almost tore the sky open. Then, Bai Xiaochun’s face fell as the force of the blow sent him plummeting back down onto the deck of the heavenly airship, which shuddered violently.

Aura flickering unstably, Bai Xiaochun looked up to find that he had only shoved Lei Shan back upward a few paces.

Not pausing for a second, he shot back toward Lei Shan, whereupon the two began to fight back and forth fiercely. As they did, the heavenly airship continued to shoot along at top speed until it was a good distance away.

At that point, Mistress Red-Dust struggled up to take the helm, whereupon she slowed the airship to a stop. The way she gasped from the effort made it obvious how weak she was. Turning, she looked back nervously at Bai Xiaochun and Lei Shan fighting in midair.

Rumbling booms echoed out constantly through the sky as Lei Shan relied, not on magical techniques, but only on his...

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