Chapter 823: Sweetie

Blood sprayed out of Mistress Red-Dust’s mouth as her finger dropped. Then, unable to maintain control of her mind and body, she lapsed into unconsciousness.

Red Dust Violet Road!

Even Mistress Red-Dust could only utilize this technique by overdrawing on her deva cultivation base and also draining her longevity. As the final words left her mouth, and she was beginning to collapse, red light shot out from her finger, becoming a red smoke that instantly enveloped Gongsun Wan’er.

Gongsun Wan’er shrank down and down, dragged by the chains until she was inside of the tiny city!

To any observer, that city would be the size of a hand, but to Gongsun Wan’er, it now looked like any ordinary city. In fact, as she looked, a horse cart sped by, sending dust roiling up to cover everything in sight.

This was none other than… Red Dust Violet...

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