Chapter 819: Fishing!

This person was none other than… Gongsun Wan’er! She looked different, as she was impersonating Bai Xiaochun. But as soon as he laid eyes on her, he recognized her!

It was mostly because of her smile, the way she licked her lips, and the way she talked about being hungry. The enormity of it all struck him like a lightning bolt.

He suddenly thought back to the labyrinth, and all of the indescribably terrifying things he had seen there….

“A ghost….” he thought, shivering uncontrollably. In fact, he almost screamed. Back in the labyrinth, Gongsun Wan’er had revealed everything to him, confirming that she was the very same young girl from the Fallen Sword Abyss, the one with the little teddy bear!

“Where’s Lei Shan…?” he thought.

In almost that exact moment, a figure appeared behind Gongsun Wan’er, a tall, burly man!

However, he was bright red, because of the fact that he had...

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