Chapter 804: Ganging Up

The Grand Heavenmaster wore a grim expression, and was feeling very irritated. He was actually very angry at what Bai Xiaochun had done, and especially his timing; right at one of the most important moments of the Proclamation of Universal Grace.

Everything had been going well and according to plan. The important clans in the Arch-Emperor Dynasty were beginning to fall. But now… thanks to Bai Xiaochun, the aristocracy was now more united than ever!

Earlier in the meeting, they hadn’t said it outright, but had clearly implied that if Bai Xiaochun didn’t die, they would reject the Proclamation of Universal Grace!

Although the Grand Heavenmaster was the type who would normally agree to such a demand, the fact that Bai Xiaochun’s two vicious plans had benefited him so much caused him to hesitate.

A moment passed, and then the Grand Heavenmaster said, “Bai Hao, I've called you here today to provide an explanation regarding the matter of Zhou Wudao. Please clarify the situation.”

Obviously, he was giving Bai Xiaochun a chance to try to resolve the situation on his own,...

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