Chapter 802: Summons From The Grand Heavenmaster

“Shut your mouth! What do you mean our family? It’s my family!” As she glared at him angrily, her flush deepened. Despite how muddled her thoughts were, she still felt humiliation and anger rising up inside of her.

First of all, she was currently pinned by Bai Xiaochun, and was very displeased at being touched in such a way. Second of all, she was coming to the realization that something strange was going on. Her thinking was too clouded. Furthermore, if she focused on an issue, it seemed that she would instantly make a decision about it and stick obstinately to that decision no matter what.

“How could this be happening? It’s not that complicated of a situation. How come I didn’t get what was going on…?” Mistress Red-Dust was really starting to feel suspicious. In all her years of cultivation, she had never experienced anything like this before. All of a sudden, she thought back to the technique her father the giant ghost king...

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