Chapter 798: I’ll Give You Ten Breaths Of Time!

As the heavenly marquis pagoda collapsed, complete silence filled the area. Everyone in the clan felt like their minds were being struck by lightning from the heavens. To a heavenly marquis clan, their heavenly marquis pagoda was a symbol of how lofty and amazing their clan was!

It was the most important legacy in their clan, passed on to each successor as a means to defend the clan.

And right now, the Zhou Clan’s heavenly marquis pagoda… was collapsing into pieces!!

Although this was not the first such pagoda to be destroyed after the Arch-Emperor Dynasty relocated to the Wildlands… it was the only one to meet such a fate in the past thousand years! The significance of this event defied imagination!

If that was how the Zhou Clan reacted, then there was little need to wonder how everyone else in the audience was reacting. There were countless people observing events on behalf of other powerful groups, and also...

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