Chapter 796: Fighting Into The Zhou Clan!

“Zhou Wudao!” The coldness in Bai Xiaochun’s eyes was such that the entire private chamber suddenly seemed as frigid as the dead of winter!

Although he didn’t fully understand the reason Bai Hao had gone missing, he now had a general idea. A patriarch in Miao Lin’er’s clan was a necromancer at the peak of the celestial rank, who planned to use Bai Hao’s soul in a flame conjuring to achieve a breakthrough!

Out of fear of Bai Xiaochun, he had allied with thirteen other clans, and had also somehow called upon the aid of the Nine Serenities King. That was how they had managed to snatch Bai Hao the previous month without leaving a single trace of evidence behind!

Afterward, the Miao Clan patriarch had gone into hiding in one of the clans, a clan where no one would think to look. After all, when it came to the heavenly marquises of...

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