Chapter 795: A Clue!

Bai Xiaochun didn’t need to do this to every single one of the heavenly duke clans. All he needed to do was show his general stance. The children of the other nine heavenly dukes would immediately begin to ponder the significance of what had happened, not to mention the children in the heavenly marquis clans.

What he had done was enough!

In fact, the very day he left the Chen Clan, he got more messages than he had during the past half month!

Some information was genuine and some was not. When reports came in about the assets of the various clans, Bai Xiaochun merely glanced at them. What he was more interested in was information about what unusual events had transpired in the clans recently.

During the following days, information poured in, and Bai Xiaochun immersed himself in it, searching for clues. Many things were happening behind the scenes in the heavenly duke clans because of the Proclamation of Universal Grace.

The storm was building up to the point that the heavenly marquis clans were starting to lose their grip of control. It was also at this point that, at long last… the four heavenly...

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