Chapter 794: Even The Heavenly Duke Bites His Tongue!

The audience that had built up looked on silently. The fact that the ten heavenly dukes wouldn’t even let Bai Xiaochun in was something that led to all sorts of varied thoughts on their part.

News had been spreading, and more and more people in Arch-Emperor City were paying attention to what was happening.

Within the shield, the numerous members of the Chen Clan had placid expressions on their faces as they looked through the shield at Bai Xiaochun.

Chen Xiong was there. He was a member of the direct bloodline, but had no hope of becoming the successor. In the past, he had hated Bai Xiaochun, but now his feelings had changed. He knew the type of reserve savings his clan had built up, and also knew that if they were fairly distributed to someone like him… that a single portion would be enough to cause countless people to drool in envy, and would essentially support him for the rest of his life. [1]

As various similar thoughts ran through the heads of many other clan members, Bai Xiaochun smiled coldly on the...

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