Chapter 792: The Talk Of The Town

Bai Xiaochun took action at the perfect time: the very moment that the Grand Heavenmaster’s Dharmic decree was sent out, shaking Arch-Emperor City and causing all of the heavenly marquises to band together and go to the imperial palace.

It was a time when the nobility and aristocracy were completely unstable, and because of that, Bai Xiaochun swept across them like a windstorm. The successors were struck with fear, and the bastards and direct bloodline non-successors were shown staunch support. For the latter… they now had a justification to be ambitious, as well as something they had never even been able to dream of before: hope!

The truth was that Bai Xiaochun hadn’t planned out his timing at all. He had simply been anxious, and hadn’t dared to delay any longer than necessary. He would have shown up at the clans even if the heavenly marquises...

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