Chapter 790: Universal Grace Begins!

The appearance of a whole new group of corpse troopers in the Inspections Manor was a source of complete shock to many people, especially the nobility and aristocracy, among whom numerous speculations began to run wild.

“This doesn’t make sense….”

“Bai Hao is supposed to be stuck in an inescapable quagmire!”

“The only option he had was to resign as the inspections commissioner…. But now, he's not only fine, he’s actually stronger than before!”

Everyone in Arch-Emperor City was completely shaken, and the nobility and aristocracy immediately poured all the resources they could into investigating what was happening. That was especially true of the leaders of the various clans who had banded together to capture Bai Hao.

Although they felt like something was off about the situation, they could find no explanation. Furthermore, they didn’t dare to make too much of a scene, and could thus only wait, stewing in their speculations until...

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