Chapter 789: Silver-Armored Corpse Trooper

The Grand Heavenmaster smiled, and a profound gleam appeared in his eyes. “This isn’t a matter of him getting someone else to do his dirty work for him. He’s going crazy trying to find his soul slave!”

“Soul slave?” the bearded heavenly duke said in surprise.

“Someone just captured that soul slave of his. Whoever it was knew how to do it in just the right way so that I wouldn’t notice in time. Furthermore, no evidence was left behind….”

The bearded heavenly duke was clearly stunned.

“Go look into who did it.” The Grand Heavenmaster knew that whoever had done the deed had planned on him not interfering. And the truth was that, before Bai Xiaochun revealed his plan, he wouldn’t have. But now he was hesitating.

The bearded duke hesitated for only a short moment. “I suspect that only those four would be able to do something like this. Your humble servant…...

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