Chapter 786: Grand Heavenmaster, Your Humble Servant Has A Plan!

The Grand Heavenmaster looked away from Bai Xiaochun and coolly said, “We’ll discuss your request in a moment.”

When the bearded man heard that, he held his tongue and looked over at Chen Haosong.

Heavenmaster Hall was very quiet. At this point, Bai Xiaochun looked up, took a deep breath, and prepared to speak. However, the Grand Heavenmaster didn't let him.

Looking over at Chen Haosong, he said, “Heavenly Duke Chen, did you also come to speak about the Great Wall?”

Chen Haosong’s expression was the same as ever as he took a few steps forward, clasped hands and bowed.

“Grand Heavenmaster, the situation at the Great Wall is urgent. The slightest unexpected circumstance there would have grave ramifications in the Wildlands. I also believe that we should beef up the defenses. We need to send more soul cultivators and more necromancers to hold the line!

“However, an effort like that would require much soul medicine and other resources. Grand Heavenmaster, would you please consider granting permission...

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