Chapter 785: Warmth From The Giant Ghost King

The search didn’t last for long. The corpse troopers were like fiendish monsters, who demanded cooperation even if it wasn’t offered. Before long, all of the shops had been thoroughly searched, as had all the people.

Zhou Yixing’s efforts were particularly speedy and thorough. Because of all the shakedowns he had participated in, he was able to leave virtually no stone unturned.

Soon, the corpse troopers began to check in.

“Nothing here.”

“No clues at all!”

“Nobody here….”

After all 3,000 corpse troopers gave their reports, Zhou Yixing nervously approached Bai Xiaochun, lowered his voice, and said, “Milord, we weren’t able to find any clues at all…. We checked all the shops and all the people…. Nobody even saw that soul…. We looked especially closely at those shops over there….”

The more Zhou Yixing spoke, the softer his voice got, until he trailed off nervously and bowed his head.

As of this moment, all of the happiness and glory that Bai Xiaochun had felt were gone, replaced...

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