Chapter 779: Poor Child

“Song Que?” Bai Xiaochun was initially stunned, and it actually took a moment of thought before he realized that he had forgotten about Song Que….

“Yeah, him,” Zhou Yixing said in a low voice. “He was the… um, guy who claimed to be the nephew of Bai Xiaochun, who you picked up in the Chen Clan. Song Que.” Zhou Yixing looked at Bai Xiaochun for a moment and then cast his gaze back downward.

“Oh, him. Ai. Silly me. If you hadn't said something, I would have totally forgotten.” Bai Xiaochun actually felt a bit bad. Not only was Song Que one of his big lucky stars, as a member of the older generation, Bai Xiaochun had a responsibility to take care of the younger ones.

“Exalted one,” Zhou Yixing replied hurriedly, “you have a myriad of state affairs to attend to, and an entire nation to look after! Every decision you make is the type that can shake all of heaven and earth. You are constantly at the beck and call of all Arch-Emperor City, and spare...

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