Chapter 774: Your Majesty, I Snatched A Deva Soul!

The thousands of people gathered outside of the hall clasped hands in formal greeting, their voices ringing out to shake heaven and earth.

Inside the hall, the second prince and the other members of the imperial clan didn’t dare to reveal a trace of defiance, and also offered formal greetings.

Only the Arch-Emperor himself didn’t join in. His hands tightened onto the arms of the dragon throne for a moment, but then relaxed.

As for Bai Xiaochun, he was measuring up both the Arch-Emperor and the Grand Heavenmaster.

“So, this is the Arch-Emperor?” he murmured to himself. “Doesn’t seem like much when compared to the Grand Heavenmaster.”

The echo of the voices lasted for a moment before fading away. As for the Grand Heavenmaster, he sat on his throne, face completely expressionless, seemingly there only to observe the ancestral sacrifices, and not inclined to speak at all.

The Arch-Emperor let the moment...

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