Chapter 773: The Reigning Arch-Emperor

“Did you just say that I'm shameless? How could the Grand Heavenmaster appoint a shameless person to be the inspections commissioner, a position which requires uprightness and resistance to flattery? You’re basically saying that the Grand Heavenmaster is blind, aren’t you?!” Bai Xiaochun’s eyes flickered with delight. If this Zhao Xionglin had just kept his mouth shut, it would have been a lot better for him. Everything he said could be found fault with.

“Zhao Xionglin, you clearly suspect me, the Inspections Manor as a whole, and the Grand Heavenmaster himself! Could it be that you are in fact an accomplice of the traitorous heavenly marquises from the Li and Chen Clans?!?!”

With that, he waved his hand and said, “Men, take charge of the entrance to the imperial palace. Let everyone in except for this miscreant Zhao Xionglin!”

A large contingent of corpse troopers immediately rushed over to block the east gate of the imperial palace.

The other nobles and aristocrats in the area couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of Bai Xiaochun’s ruthless tactics. For many, it provided a very clear picture of this person...

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