Chapter 772: If You’ve Got What It Takes, Fight!

As the bells tolled, the streets of Arch-Emperor City filled with a sea of people. It was the same up above, too, with countless figures flying up to the imperial palace.

The city guard was out in full force to keep order and make sure that nothing unexpected happened on this day of ancestral sacrifice.

Of course, there was little chance of something like that; the city guard carried out their duties with the utmost loyalty. In fact, the area near the Inspections Manor was especially heavily guarded.

The matter with the two heavenly marquises the previous month had been monumental. The new inspections commissioner had made a huge splash, and was the target of almost universal animosity in the dynasty. If any mishaps occurred regarding him, it could affect the ancestral sacrifices, and that was something the city guard couldn’t let happen.

Even as the city guard paid special attention to keep the Inspections Manor safe, Bai Xiaochun flew up from...

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