Chapter 767: Do You Know Who My Uncle Is?!?!

The words were spoken with lively passion, as though the person behind them truly did not fear death. They were also alive with hatred, as if they had been spoken by a person who had suffered indescribable torments at the hand of the Chen Clan, pain the likes of which could never be forgotten.

No one in the Chen Clan paid any attention to the words, though. All of them were staring nervously at Bai Xiaochun, their faces ashen and grim.

Not even the black-armored corpse troopers showed any interest.

However, as soon as Bai Xiaochun heard the words spoken, and especially the name Song Que, his eyes went wide, and a strange expression appeared on his face. He seemed amused, incredulous, and happily surprised, all at the same time.

“Song Que….” he murmured. Then he cleared his throat and intentionally cleared his face of all expression as he turned to look in the direction of the rear courtyard.

Clasping his hands behind his back, he stuck his chin up and loudly said, “Whoever it is...

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