Chapter 766: A Howl From The Rear Courtyard

“Never are the rich benevolent. This Li Clan really knew how to rake in the money! And all by climbing on the backs of the common people….” Of course, it helped Bai Xiaochun’s shakedown efforts to categorize the Li Clan in this way. It was with complete righteous indignation that he stood off to the side, watching Zhou Yixing uprooting the rainbow spirit thistle.

Glancing at the flower, he said, “Be careful with that flower! Don’t damage it. Ai. Growing flowers is the only hobby I have, so although that flower doesn’t belong to me, I simply can’t stand to allow anyone else to harm it.”

Zhou Yixing looked a bit embarrassed. It would be obvious to anyone who looked at it that this flower was anything but ordinary. As he worked, he muttered to himself that it seemed too obvious that Bai Xiaochun was trying to avoid responsibility and have Zhou Yixing take the flower to his mansion for him….

After Zhou Yixing dug up the rainbow spirit thistle, Bai Xiaochun pointed at the ground and, eyes glittering, said, “There’s...

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