Chapter 765: I Very, Very, Very, Very Much Like To Grow Flowers

As soon as the words left his mouth, the shield of light distorted as… an enormous blood-colored heart appeared!

At first glance, it didn’t appear to be illusory at all. Furthermore, it was actually made of 1,000,000 actual human hearts! Those hearts represented 1,000,000 women who had died!

This was the most powerful function of the Li Clan’s spell formation. The instant the gigantic heart appeared, it collapsed, becoming an ink-like cloud of black smoke that spread out in all directions.

It began to corrode everything it touched, even some of the hired soul cultivators. Those who were too slow screamed and were transformed into globs of blood that spattered down on the ground.

Only the members of the Li Clan who cultivated the Heart Of A Woman were unaffected. In fact, expressions of madness could be seen on their faces as they opened their mouths and breathed in the gas, which instantly healed them. Then, they went back to fighting the Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion.

The sight of what was happening with the poison gas caused Bai...

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