Chapter 761: Recognize Me?

Back when the Grand Heavenmaster had appointed Bai Xiaochun as the inspections commissioner, many people in Arch-Emperor City had turned their attention to the Inspections Manor in Borough 4. Therefore, a lot of people noticed when he led the 1,000 black-armored men out into the open, and they trembled with fear.

All of them suddenly recalled what was now something of a legend. In the past, this army had caused blood and gore to rain down on Arch-Emperor City, and had come to be known as….

“The Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion!!”

“In the past, they caused blood to rain down for seven months straight…. the Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion!!”

Countless eyes were focused on Bai Xiaochun, and the Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion soldiers that followed him. The nobility and aristocracy were shaken, not because of any fear of Bai Xiaochun himself, but fear of the army of corpse troopers. Furthermore, they feared who that army represented… the Grand Heavenmaster!!

There were many stories about this army of corpse troopers....

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