Chapter 760: The Powers Of The Inspections Commissioner!

Bai Hao’s plan was so ruthless that Bai Xiaochun was already hesitant to pull it off. However, if he ended up in the right circumstances, it might work. Right now, though, things were too unstable. “We’ll talk about that more later. Right now, the most important thing is for me to do a good job at being the inspections commissioner.”

Looking even more serious, Bai Hao said, “Master, we also need to start making some secret plans to make sure that we don’t get disposed of once our usefulness has passed!”

“Don’t worry,” Bai Xiaochun said. “Your Master has a lot of experience with that kind of thing.”

Then he laughed heartily. If he hadn’t said that, Bai Hao would have felt a lot better, but now, he had a very ill premonition. Whenever his Master felt this confident, bad things always happened. However, he still couldn’t come up with any way to remedy that situation other than to continue to offer advice to Bai Xiaochun.

And thus the night passed without anything strange happening. Bai Xiaochun continued to focus on activating the command medallion and...

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