Chapter 755: I'm Not Bai Hao....

Chen Haosong’s pupils constricted slightly. If what Mistress Red-Dust had just said was true, and the Giant Ghost King had already brought the matter to the Grand Heavenmaster, then just as she had said, almost no one would dare to touch Bai Hao until the Grand Heavenmaster weighed in on the situation.

However, the reason for saying that almost no one would dare to touch him… was that there was still another person in Arch-Emperor City who qualified to disregard the Grand Heavenmaster.

He was, of course, the current Arch-Emperor!

However, the Arch-Emperor would not casually do such a thing.

As Bai Xiaochun looked back and forth between Mistress Red-Dust and Chen Haosong, he finally began to recover his senses after the sudden interchange which had just occurred. Only now did he start to get nervous, and sigh anxiously inside.

“How could I be this unlucky…? Is my poor little life going to be in danger…?” The fact that the matter had been escalated up to the level of the Grand Heavenmaster was not...

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