Chapter 754: Deva Shapes Heavenly Will

The deva who was currently attacking Bai Xiaochun was someone from the elder generation of Chen Xiong’s clan. He was one of the ten heavenly dukes of Arch-Emperor City… Chen Haosong!

All ten heavenly dukes were in the Deva Realm, and none of them were ordinary devas…. they were all in the great circle!

Those ten dukes formed a critical reserve power for Arch-Emperor City, something vastly more powerful than Giant Ghost City’s three patriarchs and Duke Deathcrier. Not even Mistress Red-Dust was a match for them in terms of cultivation base.

Of course, Mistress Red-Dust was the Giant Ghost King’s daughter, which gave her quite a bit of extra confidence. Furthermore, she also had gifts given to her by her father, including… a precious treasure that could power her up to the level of the great circle of the Deva Realm!

However, that precious treasure could only put her in a position to tangle with other cultivators in the great circle. She could not...

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