Chapter 749: Like A Hot Knife Through Butter!

When Little Wolfgod slammed into the ground, a huge boom echoed out, and cracks spread out in all directions. As Little Wolfgod lay there, soaked with blood and completely unmoving, all of the other chosen in the area gasped in astonishment.

Before they could do anything, the enraged Bai Xiaochun vanished as surely as a ghost, to reappear in front of two other soul cultivators.

“You two get down there too!” he shouted angrily. The two soul cultivators prepared to fight back, but instantly realized that their Nascent Souls had been destabilized, and their cultivation base power was weakened. Even as they shouted out in alarm, booms rang out as Bai Xiaochun struck their shoulders with his fist. Cracking sounds could be heard as numerous bones were broken, and they were sent down screaming to slam into the ground next to Little Wolfgod.

Things weren’t over yet, though. Bai Xiaochun’s fury was now fully ablaze. It would be the...

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