Chapter 745: Back Again....

After Bai Xiaochun went inside with Sun Yifan and Sima Tao, the crowd began to disperse, discussing the events as they did. Everyone was very excited, many of them using transmission jade slips to send the soul-shaking news to friends and family.

It was easy to imagine how short of a time it would take for the name Bai Hao to be the talk of Arch-Emperor City.

Furthermore, the smooth way he had worked things out in the end led to expressions of admiration high and low. However, it also caused a strange glint to appear in the eye of Chen Manyao, who up to this point had been vacillating about his identity.

“Wait a second…. From what I remember, that’s exactly how Bai Xiaochun usually does things! He's very smooth, and loves to resolve hostilities…. Back when the Blood Stream Sect and the Spirit Stream Sect were about to go to war, and everyone was sure it was going to happen, Bai Xiaochun smoothed things out….” She continued to contemplate the matter...

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