Chapter 744: Grandmaster Bai!

The people who had been watching were extremely moved. Although they had only been able to glimpse eighteen-colored flame for a brief moment, it was still…

Eighteen-colored flame!

Very few people in the Wildlands had ever seen eighteen-colored flame. To most soul cultivators, it was a thing of legend, something holy that could only be talked about.

But now… they had actually seen it!

A deep desire had been fulfilled, and everyone present would remember this moment for as long as they lived!

Off to the side, Bai Hao looked on in utter excitement. Although he had been the one to break the new ground, and had spectacular talent for flame conjuring, he also knew that he could never have done it with his current cultivation base. Only his Master could possibly have taken the theory and turned it into reality. The process had simply been too difficult.

Furthermore, Bai Hao had seen something in his Master that other people had, but not to the same degree…. Foc...

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