Chapter 743: Shaking The Whole City!

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes sparkled brightly as he manipulated the shocking sixteen-colored sea of fire. Although his aura was calm, his heart was bursting with excitement. He felt very similar to how he used to feel back in his medicine concocting days, when he would suddenly be struck by inspiration. His heart prickled as surely as if tiny hands were tickling it.

“Seventeen colors!” he roared, throwing both hands wide in a double-handed incantation gesture. The sixteen-colored sea of fire instantly began to spin, and without the addition of any other vengeful souls, began to grow vastly hotter.

And then, as everyone watched, it began to shrink down!!

Soon, it was only 30,000 meters wide, and rapidly shrinking. The power of fire within it was shocking, and the heat caused the air to distort wildly. Nobody in the audience dared to say a single word, and all of them continued to back away anxiously.

Even more cultivators further away could feel the blistering...

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