Chapter 737: Good People Go The Extra Mile

Along with the words came a beam of light, slicing through the air. It was none other than the heir apparent from Nine Serenities City, Zhou Hong. He wasn’t alone either. He was flanked by dozens of henchmen, as well as a group of several hundred cultivators wearing black armor.

The black-armored soul cultivators had expressionless faces, and completely ignored everyone present as they spread out in the area, performing incantation gestures as they set up a spell formation.

As soon as the spell formation was activated, a massive gravitational force appeared, which immediately sucked away all of the foul gas in the area.

The sight of the gas vanishing filled the other soul cultivators in the area with complete shock.

“The heir apparent of Nine Serenities City….”

“It’s Zhou Hong….”

The truth was that Zhou Hong was actually feeling very nervous. Even the smallest incident in Arch-Emperor City could have profound implications outside. He might be an heir apparent, but that didn’t mean he had...

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