Chapter 732: Nothing But Business Warfare

“Huh?” Bai Xiaochun said, a bit taken aback. “Two plans?”

In the short time he had been together with Bai Hao, he had already come to see that he was extremely talented, so much so that he qualified to shake all of the Wildlands.

Without Bai Hao, Bai Xiaochun would have faced nearly insurmountable difficulties when it came to flame conjuring.

However, it wasn’t just Bai Hao’s skill in flame conjuring that was impressive. Although Bai Xiaochun definitely had something to do with the success of the shop, much of it had to do with how Bai Hao handled everyday business. Overall, Bai Xiaochun was very pleased by the arrangement.

However, he had noticed a weakness in his apprentice. Bai Hao always thought of things in a very limited way. He simply didn’t match up to Bai Xiaochun, who thought grand thoughts and carried out dashing plans….

Looking very serious, Bai Hao lowered his voice and said, “Master, these two plans of mine are currently in the early stages of planning....

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