Chapter 731: Stuck In The Middle

Zhou Hong looked askance at Xu Peng. Considering what he knew about Xu Peng’s personality, he knew that it wouldn’t be possible to change his mind.

Unfortunately, Gongsun Yi had refused his invitation with a sarcastically worded message explaining that he didn’t need to resort to plots and schemes to earn back the face he had lost, that he would do so with his own battle prowess.

Although Zhou Hong wasn’t too pleased about that, afterward, he had been left with no other option than to meet with Xu Peng. After all, he had certain misgivings about the Junior Champion King, and didn’t want to get involved with him.

“Don’t worry, Brother Xu, this Bai Hao has already reached a dead end. I know we can’t kill him, so my plan is to simply humiliate him and make sure he won’t stick around in Arch-Emperor City. We just need to drive him back to Giant Ghost City.” That really was what Zhou Hong wanted. Having this Bai Hao stuck in Giant Ghost City, out of sight and out of...

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