Chapter 725: Get Him The Hell Out Of Arch-Emperor City

“This Bai Hao is shameless to the ultimate degree, and completely notorious. In Giant Ghost City, he’s known for being morally degenerate, a wife stealer and a property thief. He's the worst that society has to offer!”

“After the incident, I asked around, and heard that he’s a reviler of his own clan, and even killed his own father and brother. He also arranged for his foster mother to be killed. Everyone in Giant Ghost City lived desperate lives because of him. Wherever he goes, people end up in a terrible situation. One can only imagine what disasters he will cause now that he’s in Arch-Emperor City!”

“How can the Giant Ghost King like a person like that!?”

“Hmph! Well, as long as the Giant Ghost Legion doesn’t do anything to protect him, then we have to pay him back for the humiliation of the Necromancer Kettle!!”

As everyone in the group took their turn to speak, curses flowed out of their mouths. And yet, considering how powerful Bai Xiaochun was, and who he had backing him, they were forced to admit that they couldn't easily take action.

Not all of the chosen...

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