Chapter 724: The Tree Might Long For Peace, But The Wind Will Never Cease

Business got better and better, to the point where people would line up outside the shop before the doors opened in the morning. Roughly half would come for the spirit enhancements, the other half to purchase high-grade soul medicine.

The benefits of high-grade soul medicine to soul cultivators was almost impossible to put into words. Furthermore, The Number One Spirit Enhancement Shop Under Heaven had all sorts of soul medicines available, to the point where most people were shocked by the variety in stock.

The shop’s popularity grew on a daily basis. Within two months, it had become a top-tier name in Borough 89, and was even the subject of conversation in some of the surrounding boroughs.

Although profits didn’t literally increase every day, it was close. As far as the intake of vengeful souls was concerned, Bai Xiaochun was extremely pleased. As long as things kept going on the way they were, he would be completely set in terms of the souls he needed to work on flame conjuring.

Bai Hao was also very pleased with everything. Although maintaining his role as Bai...

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