Chapter 720: Hell-Emperor’s Fist

“I didn’t set anything on fire this time!” he blurted as he backed up, heart pounding with fear.

It wasn’t exactly the best explanation, and it immediately led Bai Hao to ponder what calamities would be forthcoming. Unfortunately, he had waited too long before interfering to forestall disaster. The soul cultivators from the Giant Ghost Legion closed in, expressions of rage on their face. As they thought back to what had occurred with the explosion, it only got them angrier and angrier.

Of course, Mistress Red-Dust was the fastest of all. When she extended her hand toward Bai Xiaochun, her will instantly took control of the entire area, surpassing and replacing the will of the heavens. Right in front of her, the image of a huge palm appeared, which immediately began to rumble toward the low-lying mountain.

When it hit, the ground quaked, and the mountain collapsed into pieces. By that point, though, Bai Xiaochun had vanished and reappeared some 3,000 meters away in midair.

“Come on, be reasonable, Zhou Zimo! I didn’t set anything...

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