Chapter 719: Master, Look Up There....

Bai Xiaochun looked down at the army camp from his position on the mountain, and sighed. “Too overbearing…. All I'm doing is a bit of flame conjuring….”

Pulling out Bai Hao’s soulhoarding pagoda, he continued, “They forced me to come all the way out here to work. What happened earlier was an accident…. Isn't that right, my apprentice? Master is completely innocent!”

Bai Hao was about to respond, but after a moment, he simply shook his head and smiled wryly. He was beginning to understand this petty Master of his a bit more. However, despite the fact that he seemed very unreliable, Bai Hao couldn’t hold back from trying to offer some more advice.

“Master, why don’t we just take a break for a bit. What happens… what happens if there’s another explosion…?”

Thumping himself on the chest, Bai Xiaochun said, “Don’t worry, your Master has a lot of experience.”

Almost immediately,...

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