Chapter 718: Don’t Do Something You’ll Regret

“That’s not ordinary fire, it’s conjured flame!!”

“Dammit! Are we under attack? We're in the imperial city! How could someone be attacking us here!?!?”

“Quick, put out this fire….”

“This is definitely man-made! When I find out who did it, I'm going to chop him to pieces!!”

The entire camp was in utter chaos, with people flying around looking for the source of the explosion. The shouting that filled the air had Bai Xiaochun completely jumpy. In fact, there were already soul cultivators in the area, and as they looked over, they could tell that his tent was the epicenter of the fire.

Bai Hao was also feeling very nervous, and suddenly realized that his Master wasn’t very reliable after all…. With that, his mind began to race as he tried to come up with a solution to the situation.

However, even as the soul cultivators began to approach, and before Bai Hao could come up with any ideas, Bai Xiaochun grabbed Bai Hao’s soulhoarding pagoda and then flew up into the air. His face was a vicious...

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