Chapter 715: I'm Your Fiance....

As soon as the words rang out, the killing air in the area seemed to take corporeal form. Ten beams of light immediately began to shoot in Bai Xiaochun’s direction, making it seem like the army camp itself was like the mouth of some chaotic, primeval beast that wished to devour him.

“We haven’t even talked, and she already wants to kill me!?!?” An intense sensation of deadly crisis immediately swept through Bai Xiaochun, and at the same time, the deva pressure weighing down on his flesh and blood had him wailing inwardly. He had to do something!

“Zimo!” he said loudly, “Uh, your father the Giant Ghost King sent me… I’m… I'm your fiancé, Bai Hao!”

Countless jaws dropped in response to his words. After all, few people knew of the relationship between Mistress Red-Dust and the Giant Ghost King, and therefore, this news was completely stunning to everyone.

“What? The sergeant major is the daughter of his highness the king?!”

“Is… is it true?”

Even as the news began to rock the entire Giant Ghost Legion, an enraged shout erupted from the bright red tent.

“Shut up!”

The tent flap flew open, and Mistress Red-Dust...

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