Chapter 714: Red Dust Blows Upon My Face As I Walk The Road To The Capital

Bai Xiaochun stood there, pompous and haughty, clasping his hands the way a truly consummate chosen would, as if he could crush the entire army camp if he wanted to.

The two squads of cultivators manning the main entrance were shocked, and didn’t even know how to respond. They weren’t particularly impressed with the first part of what he had said, but the last part left them gasping in astonishment. They actually didn’t know about Zhou Zimo’s relationship to the Giant Ghost King, but he was their king after all. To hear the person he had sent say something like this was a huge shock.

“The sergeant major is his fiancée?”

“Is this for real? This Bai Hao…. I remember hearing about him. He’s one of the top aides to his highness the king…. Could it be that the king is rewarding him by arranging this marriage?” The powerful experts who had been shocked by Duke Deathcrier’s sudden appearance earlier had also heard Bai Xiaochun’s shocking words, and as a result, their expressions flickered....

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