Chapter 711: Xiaochun Erupts....

Bai Xiaochun had already been getting nervous. Handing Chen Manyao over was the same as putting his poor little life into the control of other hands. It wasn’t that he distrusted Chen Manyao, but when it came to critical matters of life or death, putting trust in other people wasn’t an option.

His trust in Bai Hao was unswerving, but… it wasn’t the same with Chen Manyao!

The Giant Ghost King was getting extremely angry, so much so that the coldness filling Bai Xiaochun’s secluded meditation chamber was tinged with killing intent.

Bai Xiaochun immediately thought back to what the Giant Ghost King had been like right after he had gotten his cultivation base back; he had hovered there with a metal-type deva soul in hand, and had looked at Bai Xiaochun with utter imperiousness as he asked a single question.

Give me one good reason not to kill you!

Those words had scared Bai Xiaochun witless, and the way the Giant Ghost King looked now reminded him of that very day, and those very words.

Then he thought about how he had nearly been killed protecting the Giant Ghost King, and how the restrictive spell had weakened his cultivation base back in the Necromancer Kettle. Without...

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