Chapter 706: Stupefied Giant Ghost King

“Oh, I didn’t do anything…!” Bai Xiaochun said, looking like the picture of innocence. Inside, he was feeling extremely pleased with himself, and couldn’t have been happier. The Giant Ghost King had screwed him, and therefore he had screwed him right back…. Therefore, the more shocked the Giant Ghost King looked right now, the more worth it it all was.

“Although, you know how loyal and devoted I am to you, Your Highness, and how much I worry about you constantly. That, coupled with how well you’ve treated me over the years, left me no choice other than to put my life in the greatest danger, to go through countless trials and tribulations, to be spattered head to toe with blood, to come perilously close to the gates of hell, to reject all fear of suffering, of exhaustion, and even death for you. Because of all the favor you have shown me, I subdued all of them!” He slapped his chest to emphasize his words, making it look like he was the type of person who would live or die for the Giant Ghost King, and would face death without blinking for him.

“You… you ‘subdued’ them all?” The Giant Ghost...

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