Chapter 703: RUN!

Xu Shan’s words struck Bai Xiaochun’s ears like a thunderbolt, nearly striking him senseless. Although he had had his suspicions about the strange look in her eyes, it had seemed so improbable that she harbored romantic feelings that he had simply dismissed the notion.

After all, they had only met a few days before, and had been enemies the entire time. Bai Xiaochun really couldn’t think of anything he had done to attract the interest of the termagant Xu Shan….

Shocked, he couldn’t help but take a moment to examine Xu Shan’s face a bit more closely, and then his gaze slid down the rest of her body. The truth was that, despite her violent tendencies, she was actually very attractive. However, he quickly realized that he shouldn’t be thinking that way.

“No. This Xu Shan has a screw loose, and is very violent. She’s definitely not my type…. I have my boo, and Big Sis Junwan, and Xiaomei. Plus, there are the hundreds of thousands of girls who like me back in the River-Defying Sect…. Ai. I really am just too outstanding....

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