Chapter 696: Undying Emperor's Fist!

The fourth level of the Undying Codex, the Undying Bones, had a secret magic known as the Undying Emperor’s Fist, and this was Bai Xiaochun's first time using it. As he did, his aura, his flesh and blood, and even his soul and life force, seemed to be compressing down to the ultimate level.

Cracking sounds could be heard from his bones as the foundation of his heaven-shaking, earth-shattering fist strike was prepared. Within moments, Bai Xiaochun pulsed with explosive power. 

That power soon turned into a wild tempest that coursed through him with such power that, if his bones weren’t imbued with such incredible defensive power, it would have crushed him out of existence!

His skeleton was the foundation of it all. The power of his flesh and blood was madly compressed, until finally... it exploded out through his skin.

This was a crucial moment, and a unique...

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